The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Utah State Office has developed a web-based catalog of the cultural materials that were recovered under the Cerberus Action law enforcement investigation. This online catalog is designed to provide basic information and photographs of all materials assembled under this collection. You can request additional information on these materials directly through the website by posting questions in the comments section or contacting the BLM Utah State Office. The following instructions and Frequently Asked Questions will assist you in setting up an account and navigating the database. If you have any problems in establishing an account or logging onto the website, please contact BLM Museum Collections Manager Diana Barg at (801) 539-4214 or

Step 1: Getting an Account and Logging On

  1. As a nominated cultural consultant, you will need an email account to receive the invitation to join the site. Once you mail, call, or email BLM Museum Collections Manager Diana Barg at (801) 539-4214 or with your preferred email, we will send you an invitation by email.
  2. Once you open the email invitation from the “Utah BLM Web Consultation Tool” at, click the “Accept invitation” link.
  3. You will then be taken to a website that will ask you to create a unique password. Please write your password down in a secure place.
  4. You can now access and search the website at any time by entering your email and your password. If you plan on using the website frequently, we recommend bookmarking the website in your internet browser.
  5. If your community requires more than one consultant login, please contact BLM Museum Collections Manager Diana Barg at (801) 539-4214 or to request access for additional users.

Step 2: Navigating the Website

  1. After logging in, you will be taken to the Welcome page with a note from the BLM-Utah State Director.
  2. To begin reviewing the collection photos, click the “Search the Collection” link in the top left corner. For more information on searching for cultural resources on the website, please see Step 3 below.
  3. If you run into any problems, there are also links to these instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions at the top of the website. You may also contact BLM Museum Collections Manager Diana Barg at (801) 539-4214 or if you continue to have issues navigating the website.
  4. You can sign out of the website at any time by clicking “Sign Out” in the top right corner.
  5. The website is structured so that all of these primary links do not move regardless of which webpage in the collection you are accessing.

Step 3: Searching for Cultural Resources on the Website

  1. To begin reviewing the cultural resources in the collection, click the “Search the Collection” link in the top left corner.
  2. Searching by Catalog Number: The website photos correspond with the catalog numbers that were included in the “Cerberus Collection Inventory June 2015” Excel spreadsheet that was mailed to you on a CD. In the Search Bar on the top left corner, type in the catalog number exactly and click the green search button. Please contact BLM Museum Collections Manager Diana Barg at (801) 539-4214 or if you need another electronic inventory file mailed to you.
  3. Searching by Category: The collection can also be searched by the different categories of material types. So, for example, if you are only interested in reviewing all of the materials that are made of shell, you can easily do so. The six primary material categories are found on the left hand side of the screen, and clicking on each one will immediately bring up all photos of these cultural resources, as well as all of a number of subcategories for more refined searching abilities. The number of cultural resources in each of the categories and subcategories appear in parenthesis. The website’s categories and subcategories are listed below:
    • Animal: Feather, Bone, Antler, Hair, Hide, Horn, Ivory, Leather, Stone, Shell, Other Animal Materials
    • Composite: Antler, Ceramics, Clay, Glass, Hide, Metal, Shell, Stone, Wood, Vegetal, Mixed, Synthetic, Other Animal Materials, Other Plant Materials
    • Human: Hair (no photos of human remains are on the website)
    • Mineral: Ceramics, Glass, Metal, Shell, Wood, Stone, Soil, Other Mineral Materials
    • Vegetal: Fibers, Composite, Paper, Reed, Wood, Other Plant Materials
    • Unidentified Materials

Step 4: Asking Questions and Commenting on the Website

  1. When viewing a particular cultural resource, comments and questions may be entered in the “Add a comment” box on the right side of the website and then clicking the green “Comment” button. Once you click “Comment,” the website will send the BLM an email to alert us that a new comment has been submitted.
  2. The BLM will keep all of your comments and questions strictly confidential. No one else viewing the website will be able to see your comments besides yourself and the BLM.
  3. The BLM will respond to your comments and questions via email or phone.

Please remember that these website tools are just one option to discuss the Cerberus Collection with the BLM. Please contact BLM Museum Collections Manager Diana Barg at (801) 539-4214 or if you would like to discuss your questions or concerns in person or to arrange an onsite meeting to view the collection. Our hope is that this website just facilitates the beginning of our conversation!